Cairo Journal of Theology

The Cairo Journal of Theology (CJT) is the online academic journal of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo. 


Volume 3 (2016)

Globalization, Christianity, and the Middle East, by Heleen Murre-van den Berg (pdf)

The Long-Term Influence of American Bible Translations in the Middle East, by Heleen Murre-van den Berg (pdf)

Islamic Terminology in Christian Arabic: The Use of the Term Sunna, by Rocio Daga Portillo (pdf)


Book Review

Review of Submission by Michel Houellebecq, by Michael Parker (pdf)


Volume 2 (2015)

Secularization and Discipleship in Africa

Message from the Editor: Secularization in Africa, by Michael Parker (pdf)

Secularization in Africa: A Research Desideratum, by Herman Paul (pdf)

Western Secularism, African Worldviews, and the Church, by Dick Seed (pdf)

Sociological and Theological Perspectives on Secularization in Africa, by Abel Ngarsouledé (pdf)

African Neo-Pentecostalism in the Face of Secularization: Problems and Possibilities, by Benno van den Toren (pdf)

Thinking about Discipleship in Changing Contexts: Perceptions of Church Leaders of an Episcopal Diocese in South Sudan, by Jacob Haasnoot (pdf)

Growing in Christ on African Soil: Thoughts on Enhancing the Contextualization of Discipleship Training in Rwanda, by Adriaan Verwijs (pdf)

Secularization and Discipleship in Africa: Conclusions and Recommendations, by Benno van den Toren and Willem J. de Wit (pdf)


150 Years of the Van Dyck Bible

Message from the Editor: 150 Years of the Van Dyck Bible, by Michael Parker (pdf | online)

Scripture Matters: Authority, Content, Canon, and Translations of the Bible, by Michael T. Shelley (pdf | online)

“I Have Left My Heart in Syria”: Cornelius Van Dyck and the American Syria Mission, by Uta Zeuge-Buberl (pdf | online)

The Greek Texts of Eli Smith and Cornelius Van Dyck, by Joshua Yoder (pdf | online)

A Critical Investigation into the Manuscripts of the “So-Called” Van Dyck Bible, by David D. Grafton (pdf | online)

Contemporary Issues and Challenges in the Translation of an Arabic Bible, by John Daniel (pdf | online)


Book Reviews

Review of How the West Won by Rodney Stark, by Michael Parker (pdf | online)

Review of The Great and Holy War by Philip Jenkins, by Michael Parker (pdf | online)


Volume 1 (2014)

Various Articles

Message from the Editor, by Michael Parker (pdf | online)

Coptic-State Relations: Looking Back to Look Forward, by David D. Grafton (pdf | online)

A Brief History of Predestination in the Writings of John Calvin, by Mark Mark Nygard (pdf | online)

An Invitation to Read Herman Bavinck in the Middle East, by Willem J. de Wit (pdf | online)


Book Review

Review of American Evangelicals in Egypt by Heather J. Sharkey, by Stanley H. Skreslet (pdf | online)



General editor: Michael Parker (

Associate editor: Willem J. de Wit

Assistant editor: Selvy Amien Nasrat

Editorial committee: Hani Yousef Hanna and Tharwat Waheeb Wahba